You probably are not the right gender


Just saying, if you are incel, it is probably a function of you being feminine. You can only realize your true self by becoming the gender you were born to be.

Do you sometimes feel like you do not fit in with other men? Probably they all enjoyed masculine activities while you were super sensitive and took things hard. This is a womans brain. You probably have a woman’s brain. You were born this way and it is out of your control.

You should probably just consider what you would look like as a woman. Imagine having no hair, smooth skin, having people being comfortable with you being sensitive and light and emotional.

This only separation between YOU and this reality is gender reassignent surgery. I am here for any encouragement you may need if you are above 18.


Eh, there are a good amount of us masculine incels.


I get on with men great, it’s just women I seem to have a problem with, always angry over me treating them as equal.


yea, I have never had a problem making friends with men

women on the other hand…


I’m technically not incel, since I can get hookups on Tinder… but no one on there seems to actually willing to date or commit to a relationship.

They can go fuck themselves, regardless. Asking me to have a one night stand is like asking me to run a marathon. The fuck do I want to run a marathon for when I just want an old school date?

Who cares what women want anyway. It’s not about what they want anymore. :slight_smile:

Statistics show that LGBT relationships, in general, tend to have more breakups, more cheating, etc. so maybe I’m not missing out on anything regardless. It’s not as if hetero people are doing brilliantly well with dating in this day and age we live in.


Hm, I kinda think women’s preferences are gonna be important until someone really does make a decent AI gf.