WTF is this website?


Is this a legit incel website or is it normies trolling incels into becoming traps? I like the name of the site. I think if we want representation, just add I to LGBTQ instead of becoming an L, G, B , T, or Q…


incels are queer

Also welcome, this is an incel forum


Nah, it’s not a a troll site, it’s turning out to be kinda like r9k without the violence, and it’s for incels


oops. wrong reply


the admins @william and @Konev are non-anonymous and incel, and at least one is non-binary
you can check out their facebook and youtube pages for verification


@Sparrow @QuantumCatX

THe About page on the site and the incel wiki pages tell all's_Incelistan


free incelistan


How is that chad an incel? Is the world really that scary outside? Holy fuck.


Will or me?
Chad really applies to neither lol.


Kek… It’s over when you look like you can smash bricks with your face and you still can’t slay… May there be mercy for our world…


he is a known


Konev has ascended too high and is too sexy for his own good.


Unfortunately the only people that find me attractive are people on the internet and gay dudes :frowning:


Same, makes me wish I was gay.