Women love all kinds of men, cheer up incels

enough crab bucket trash, SERIOUSLY

I don’t know why it’s so controversial to say that women prefer attractive men… and vice versa… I guess it’s just an example of PC culture gone mad.

Was PC culture responsible for the rise of inceldom? Well, you can’t say it wasn’t an influencing factor…

That’s not to say we should just tell people to give up though. The whole purpose of civilization is to make life easier for people.

…I still think that technology is ultimately the only thing that can solve this problem. Arranged marriage has already been tried, countless of times throughout history… and it always failed. Human societies will always find a way to produce winners and losers.

Yet even in an age of android companions… you will still have a problem of winners and losers. People will compare their waifus to other people’s waifus… and compete over them… the same way people compete over car manufacturers and brands. There will be Toyota waifus, and there will be Lamborghini waifus. And there will be DIY garage waifus (me, basically).

Sometimes you have to accept that there are games that can never be won… and the only way to truly win is to just refuse to play.

These men all have stereotypically masculine faces. These are not “all kinds.” I find all these men unpalatable, but then again I am gay. Then again, most gay men still think these trog-jawed blocks are what counts as an attractive face and I don’t. Can I please look at a soft elegant neotenous male face instead of all this crap…this meme is depressing on a visual level. A desert of smug blandness into which I do not wish to stare for too long, lest it kick me in the penis and call me names for refusing to either be it or sleep with it.

@Deathcel why do you think you cannot attract men?