Wisdom for incels.. So attracting women is like telemarketing

So Ive tried many forms of sales and telemarketing… I think being a complete incel is RELATED to those “professions”…
Its literally next to IMPOSSIBLE to “learn” to be a good telemarketer… You know within the first few days, sometimes the first few hours, if you’ve got the “knack” for it or not… If you do, you will start getting sales pretty fast… If you dont, doesnt matter how well you memorize the spiel, or how precisely you read the script, you will NEVER have that sales quality, doesnt matter how much you work at it! If you EVER somehow do get that one sale, out of sheer crazy luck, it will probably never happen again!
Attracting girls is just like that! Either you have the “knack” from your teenage years you will know you have it, or you dont… And regardless of what red or blue pillers try to tell you, you can never “get it”, not in 100 years… Makes no difference how many showers you take, what cologne you are wearing, how nice your clothes are, how many jokes you can remember, you will NEVER have the knack of it… because its NOT an ability you can LEARN!! It is JUST who you are!! Thats my 2 cents after 48 years of inceldom, and observing the joke of humanity!

It’s not really a skill, just more of a set of body characteristics, particularly muscle

It’s not a skill it’s just looks