Wikipedia says r/Braincels advocates rape

and their source is


The dishonesty of that site continues to amaze me. When you interact with the editors of Wikipedia nowadays you find out it is like 4chan but for feminists

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oh jeez.
that is just all kinds of trouble.

We will always be hated, and the worst among us be used as standard

Know this

Things change

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Bluepill response tbh

Are you trying to get banned from here now? You are constantly violating this rule.

This is not a fatalist forum, this is a pro-active forum. Being persistently negative in a broadbrushing way without quoting scientific evidence relevant to your particular claim will get you warnings. For example, saying, “Its Over”, type posts without context will also generate warnings. If you do not like something, work to change it, do not just say, “Its Over”.

Scientific evidence? Seriously? How about common sense human nature? How about a look through modern history?

Before incels phrase like ‘nice guys finish last’ were very popular. Popular cuss words towards incel-types included geek, nerd or creep. Why do you think this is?

Are you autistic? Because I understand autists have a hard time understanding stuff like this, and many autists end up incels. I am also believed to be slightly autistic btw

That’s not the way autism works and you know it. You cant have a slight case of down syndrome when it’s convenient for you

I’m a believer of traumatic childhood or isolation etc. Can cause autism, or anyway something similar to autism, symptoms similar to autism.

I speak from my own personal experience

Most of us have traits that align with autism. You need to have a certain amount to be autistic and if you have 2 when the requirement is 15 you’re not slightly autistic, you’re just a person with weird habits, which is most of us.

And no autism isn’t a trauma related disorder.

I too speak from personal experience.

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Bs. So how come an isolated kid that goes through trauma and not raised or guided properly by parents begins to display symptoms similar to autism?

How come

They had autism and already and it’s a late diagnosis with coincidental circumstances

Again BS. Because when the young person is given guidance and his situation is aided and improved those symptoms go away.

Nurture AND nature - never neglect either

You can’t stop being autistic lol. You can have a better life because of proper education and you could get worse habits by being in a tumultuous classroom but you don’t become autistic if you weren’t before, your symptoms just get heightened if you’re in a shit situation

Not had autism, but because of trauma developed symptoms very similar to as if he had autism, it’s what I’m saying