Why are cosplayers such sluts? casual sex is always happening at cons


So I’m here at a Hilton Hotel, and Animore-Con just ended.

As we type I can hear a couple having what might either be sex or just some really intense erotic situation. Maybe they are doing rape role-play, women love imagining that shit. It made me think hard.

About how I could never have what they are having. How I spent the whole time at this convention hoping I would be someone. I was lonely the entire time. Why do I even try?

They purposefully dress up to tease us. And they think that we are just supposed to ignore them. I’m not going to rape or molest anyone, but this whole thing is ridiculous. Half of the women here don’t know two shits about the characters they are dressing as and just want to watch incels writhe in pain of loneliness as they hang around their boyfriends.

I have never touched a woman. Never felt her touch. Now I have to listen to some male feminist fuck a woman in a Zelda costume or some shit. Well maybe I can just eat and forget bout this.


put me in the screenshot kiwifarms


Because the rise of liberalism, resulted in the decline of the faith and the birth of the sex positivity movement. With no God, there’s no reason to abstain from “nonharmful” activities, such as casual sex. Hence, the reason why the extremely vast majority of both (young) men and women, not just cosplayers, are total whores.


It’s not some fancy poli-sci thing going on.

Tons of thirsty guys and a costume event. This will attract enormous attentioners.