White knights when they make fun of incels all day but still can't get a crumb of coochie

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Cucks are lowest form of life.

Whatabout so-called ‘cucks’ that actually do get sex with their gfs, be it pity-sex or cuck sex or starfish sex or once a month sex or whatever you wanna call it.

What do you think of those guys?

literally had to Google “starfish sex”.
did not know that type of thing had a term…
you have enlightened me. :face_with_monocle:

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They’re still cucked fags. Better to just get a hooker if you’re going to get cucked that bad from a rostie.

Whatabout the argument that being an escortcel is the ultimate cuck, you are literally handing over tons of cash over to foid who hates you for her literally to lie down for half and hour and do almost nothing.

Lol incels, so many of them are so simplistic and easy to take apart in argument. It never used to be this way you know.

Giving tons of cash to a used whore wife that doesn’t give you sex is even worse. Plus if you’re rich or go to SEasia to escortcel the money will be way less than being tied to a used roast who can deny you sex any time.

Whatabout if he isn’t giving any cash to the wife? In fact it is actually the wife which is helping the male financially. So it is the wife supporting the male partner but he doesn’t get all the sex he wants/cuck type of sex - that’s the situation.

What would you say to that? We can keep going back and forth like this, your head might explode eventually though

It’s not cucked to not spend money while not getting sex, but it’s a waste of time.

Time better spent being an incel? Right?

Not much better if you’re not getting sex. Seems like torture if she’s not letting you release your nut on her while she’s around you.

You have hands, rub one out bro bro

Better to not have the bitch around at all if that’s what I’ll end up doing anyway.

An eye for an eye makes everybody wanna shoot each other up.

People who make fun of incels aren’t making the world a better place. It’s a lame and lazy way of getting your kicks.

Incels already make fun of themselves… and are far better and funnier at it too. It’s no myth that liberals and white knights suck at comedy.

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I don’t think thats how that goes, but you’re right. :slightly_smiling_face: