When miles feel like leagues, and when rooms have no doors


adults significantly undermine overprotective parents because they know they have nothing to hold them back. they’ve been there. they’ve done that. they got out. but i didn’t.

i’m 17, and you can say i’ve got my whole life ahead of me. but my life never began, or maybe it was over as soon as it did. i never went to a sleepover. i never had cable tv. i never travelled outside of a 50-mile-radius and stayed and rotted and festered in the same state all my life. i never had a boyfriend in real life. i never had a friend longer than five years. i was never close to my siblings or extended family. the only place i ever lived was on a screen and even then i am barely alive.

this isn’t a cry for help because i know it will never come. this isn’t a cry for attention because i expect people not to hear. this isn’t a cry for solidarity because people are not meant to be trusted or kept around very long. this is a cry into the void. maybe the void will cry back.