What makes an Incel LGBTQ?


Genuine question, is being Incel enough to make someone LGBTQ or do they also have to be Gay,Trans,Bi,Pan,Ace,Ect.?




As a trans person I can say that the sexless are generally more discriminated against than the trans community at this point. Wasn not always like that. But of course, being incel does not make one LGBTQ


Hi! I’m also trans :slight_smile:

Yeah it does seem that people just hate virgins at this point too, even the oppressed.


That explains it all, Thankyou :slight_smile:


Wait, I thought you guys were joking about being LGBTQ? :thinking:


Why would we be joking?


unfortunately the straights are allowed here too


well, not me

As a friend of mine once said

Reminder that you, too, can escape being an incel by taking estrogen and an anti androgen.
women will love you, men will love you, you’ll finally get a taste of that sweet sweet female privilege, and you won’t even have to pay all that much for it.

Although some trans people find it hard after dating, especially those whose transitions didnt go well or those who are FTM

I found it easy, but maybe because I was MTF,


Oh I’m the other way, I’m FTM.

I found dating really easy until I came out and now no one wants me.


Yea Ive heard similar reports from FTMs. On incels.is, they seem to be against trans people so this forum may be my escape pod. Most of my FTM friends are scared of transitioning because they know it might make them an incel, so because of that, among other reasons they dont transition. Depends what gender you are attracted to. Because you have a male brain you also might share the fact that most FTMs Ive met are love-shy in a way men are but women arent. It cripples them even pre-transition.


I like men and women but I really would like a wife.

Before i transitioned it was easier because the guys i liked were like me, shy nerdy types who were almost always single so talking to them wasn’t hard because its just easier for girls and i knew that.

Some girls liked me but i’ve always found approaching girls really difficult, I’ve only ever kissed a girl while drunk and i barely even remember it, all i remember was her having red hair.

My main problem with being FTM is that im short, skinny and i dont have a penis so most girls don’t want me, even if they didnt mind that im not tall or muscular they probably would rather a toy on its own instead of me. All the straight and Bi girls ive met are lovers of PIV sex and have it lots.


@HarryWyat how do you do on Tinder?

Also, I can understand, I miss girl kisses too :frowning:


Girls will talk to me sometimes, but when they realise I’m trans i get blocked :frowning:




I had sex with men and I never felt I was gay. I never thought about having sex with a man till I was 21 or 22. I did it a couple of times but I was super drunk. I had sex with trans prostitutes but my experience with trans people is just as bad as cis females. They seem more hypergamous than cis females.