What are you watching?


I’m watching Pose on netflix right now - crying my eyes out but so grateful this series exists.

Also completely changed my stance on drag.

What are you watching? Any recommendations?


stranger things



but seriously its good




People playing video games on YouTube :nerd_face:


twitch is the future


Watching Dating Around because I guess I just hate myself. It’s stunning to me how good people are at this sort of thing, it’s like there’s a perfectly smooth comeback for nearly every situation or uncomfortable question. I don’t think I’d enjoy that kind of date, seems like the lengthiest and most stressful job interview imaginable. How is being quizzed over your entire life story, family and future plans is supposed to be fun? it would just make me feel like an embarassing failure.


I am watching this Twilight Princess dub on youtube by Zelda Universe and im enjoying it a lot, I think Midna’s voice is great. I am also finishing Ranma 1/2 and rewatching an anime called Overlord