Went on date, did not go well

Went on a date with some chick from work. Was really excited to see her. Had been thinking bout her nightly before bed. We talked for weeks on social media and ste up a date. We went to an applebees and she was like a 6.5 at most. Tight, athletic in all the right places.

She was acting really distant from me, and obviously did not want to get physical with me on the date so I did not even try. After we were done I asked to go to her place but she did not want to go.

Had been planning on playing video games at her house and then maybe having consensual, missionary PIV intercouse.

When I asked what happened, she said I it was the worst date she ever went on and my clothes were dirty and smelled. It is not my fault she dressed like a slut and put on MAKEUP to go to applebees.

Alas, this is the closest I ever got to a live female that was not in my family :frowning:


She should have given you a chance.

Heads up though, don’t ask a girl on the first date to go to hers. It’s something she should suggest and/or you wait till a later date.

Also I may be a bit of a snob, but I typically don’t let people take me to Franchise restaurants.

Totally not your fault that she was an ass though

take heart, and learn from this my dude, I know I will/have.
I’ve heard that clothes are really important before, but if you had asked me to rank ‘clothes’ into attractiveness, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

I’m (for now on) going to make a rule to always dress “up” for the occasion.
not to overdo it. not like a tuxedo and a fedora to go shopping (definitely not that)
but to just be “well dressed”.

I don’t mean to sound like this is an AA meeting or anything, but thank you for sharing that. it’s more helpful than you think.

You’re right. Nice analysis :slight_smile:

you went on a date with dirty clothes? lol

oh @Katarana I meant to ask about this…why? what types of places do you prefer?

Well, were your clothes dirty? Did they smell?

If a girl is into you she’s going to attempt to present herself in an attractive manner on a date regardless of where you’re going.

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I usually like places that prove someone is picking up on my eating habits. Also franchise just are so unspecial to me. There’s a place exactly like 5 blocks away. Like there’s a burger joint my group and I always go to cause it just is more special to go somewhere a bit more inspired. There’s more to say about the place that we are at too when it’s not a franchise

Nice LARP, but this isn’t the cretin filled incel forum where they don’t shower

kindly please fuck off back to inceltears

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Yeah don’t ask to go to her place on the first date. It’s really creepy and sends major red flags.

If you look at his post history there’s no indication he isn’t being earnest.

You’re the alt account? Jesus fuck off you sad cunt