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Incelistan is a non-violent, dual-gender (free-mixing) support group for Incels and Incel Allies that was created on Facebook in 2017. This website was created on January 4th, 2019 as a long term home for members of that forum. Anyone is allowed to join this forum however, as long as you are 18+, even if you arent in the Facebook group, by clicking sign up on the top-right-hand corner. This is not a fatalist forum. Although you can be as fatalist as you want, the forum instead encourages community based problem solving, statusmaxxing, looksmaxxing, etc…

Incel, is an academic sociological term that is short for and means, ’ involuntary celibacy’, a life circumstance. In it’s broadest definition, it is the life circumstance of, “single without choosing to be so”.

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