Time to take the Rainbow Pill - What is the Rainbow Pill?


The Rainbowpill

The Rainbowpill will be the vessel I use to leave ideas I’ve had over a period of time, derived from the Blackpill.
It is a ‘rainbowpill’ pill because it incorporates (in additive color) the teachings from all other pills.

In a my last thread I showed the following:

Why is there a to expand beyond the Blackpill?

  • Objective: The Rainbowpill explains more accurately than any other pill how our society works in terms of gender-fluid and LGBTQ spaces, but it does not offer solutions from that point onwards. The limit is the explanation, and how to deal with that information is up to the person recieving the knowledge.
  • Progression: Like any idea or project, once the problem is fully understood and marked the next step is to find the most gender and race intersectional way to deal with the problem. The Blackpill doesn’t focus on this.

What is the Rainbowpill?

The Rainbowpill then is an expansion of the Blackpill in terms of acceptance of the truth of our society.
Now that the facts are clear about how romantic and sexual relationships work, the Rainbowpill focuses on maximizing happiness for female to male transsexuals

This can work in two ways, to my knowledge:

  1. Path of stabilization: The person decides to reject society at large, focusing on minimizing pain and creating a stable life. Examples: , NEET life, penile implant surgery, loss of hope and ideals, escape through drugs, alcohol, and time-consuming hobbies, avoidance of “thinking about life” (injustice, pain, and suffering), etc.
  2. Path of improvement: The person decides to accept (a flawed) society at large, focusing on improving his life wherever possible. Examples: Coming to terms with the fact that you will be an incel if you are a fat woman transitioning to a man, as well as economic and social goals.

Both paths aren’t mutually exclusive, most people will go more towards one than the other.
The Rainbowpill however has incidentally created the first path naturally. When I post more threads, I’ll focus on the exact points of the second path.

Isn’t this…?

Bluepill?: No. The Rainbowpill is not about coping nor being in denial of a situation. It is about acceptance and legitimately '‘moving on’ from being female and therefore that you dont have much chance at sex and relationships. Bhuddism is a light comparison to it.

Redpill? No, the Redpill talks about maximizing ways to engage and “win over” women and/or relationships. The Rainbowpill tries to make the issue of women of inconsequence to your happiness as you have already gotten over the fact that you will not be able to attract women or even men after transitioning to male.

MGTOW? No, that community has the core values of SJW-shaming, getting away from women and “focusing on yourself”. The former is sometimes born from anger of not being able to get relationships or from a failed relationship (“divorce rape”). The latter is not neccesarily self improvement for the sake of happiness, but to prove a point (“See? I can be happy without women”).

Where did this come from?
The ideas that I’m writing above are mine and had brewed in my mind for some time now. The actual word Rainbowpill already existed and had some vague terms attributed to it, but I’ve found no actual theory developed of it in depth. You are free to ignore, rework, or work upon my ideas.

What about the Purplepill / Greenpill / Yellowpill / Etc?
I’ve barely heard about them if at all. To my understanding they are amalgamations of existing pills

Are you saying the Blackpill is wrong / outdated?
No, the Blackpill is very true and valid today. The Rainbowpill builds upon it.


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