Push yourself


Way I see it there’s 4 types of Incel that all need to be doing something different to attract women.
You sir pulled the short straw, you are short, malformed or get mistaken for a trap. no amount of exercise, practice or psychological help is going to change that. You have 2 chooses careermax or confidencemax
All is not lost women care about money and status as much if not more than genetics. Think about your career, what can you do to gain authority in it, if not can you change career to one that does. As your earnings and responsibility goes up so does their opinion of you.
Learn a martial art and build yourself up, as you learn it and get stronger you will start to carry yourself differently, you will start to show confidence women will be drawn to your confidence and ability to defend yourself and them.
So your fat, it’s not a massive deal, their is plenty of things you can do to fix it or embrace it. Lots of women like big guys but you have to be the right kind of fat you have 2 options embrace or lose weight
When you embrace your size it isn’t about positive vibes and #bodypositivity its about coming to terms with that you are always going to be big and playing to your strengths, see with the size comes power. Lift weights and do squats become stronger women like big strong men and not big Tonka toys.
To lose weight you’re going to have to do cardio and start eating the right food, that doesn’t necessarily mean less food it means higher quality food with les carbs and saturated fats, take up cycling even if you can only manage half a mile at first you can push yourself to increase over time the more you push yourself the fast you’ll lose weight the fastest you lose weight the further you can go, let it snowball.
There’s no easy way to say this but you’re going to have to talk to someone, anyone you have little contact with, the cashier at your local grocery store, pizza guy or maybe a homeless guy (really interesting people) just push yourself to do it every chance you get, it gets easier the more you do it.
Women don’t hate you because of the way you look they hate you because you’re a cunt, literally just stop, you might find you’re also a fatcel or a geneticel as well and that you can do things for but they won’t work if you’re still a cunt. Unless you’re Australian then read this again replacing cunt with dickhead


good post
unfortunatelly i guess i most identify as shycel (from the 4 on this list) and live in a country where even smiling at strangers on the bus is considered strange and weird



there comes a point for some people where their social skills hit a max after using all muh willpower (which is a lower degree of extroversion than most people), and they still cannot find anyone because the only places socially sanctioned for dating nowadays are hypercompetitive. And the shy man is naturally drawn to other shy men, keeping him out of circles that could help him out.


go fuck yoself


You don’t need social skills to date, it’s all about looks.


t. kiwifarms user


~>tfw shycel and geneticel
They feed eachother and one needs to go for the other to go. So, what do I do?


I wish that were true. The hottest guy on the planet would be an incel, if he’s too socially inept and anxiety-ridden to talk to girls.


no u


Get gains, it’ll help with both


Gains doesn’t help unless you have a face to go with it.
Confidence without looks makes you an arrogant creep. The difference is physical appearance.
The only hope for geneticel is status maxxing.


I don’t think that’s true, I know plenty of guys who’s faces look like ball sacks that get girls through gains


Just become rich and famous, bro.




Im just talking from experience. Ive been bodybuilding for 8 years but my frame fucks me.


That sucks is there nothing you can do about it?


Unfortunately no, my frame is small and I’ve pretty much hit my genetic limit for arms, delts, and back


your frame is huge bro


My frame looks big because I have a lot of muscle. But my bone structure is tiny, my wrists are only 5 inches :frowning:


Only 3 of 4 describe myself