Possible Google Engineeer + twitter mob buries attempts to bury SEO for the incel wiki once it starts to become popular


Incels.wiki is not officially tied to any particular forum, but the incels.co admins host the wiki because they are good at hosting and it was their idea after myself and others started getting into daily heated arguments with Wikipedia admins. Randy also was the one who installed Mediawiki and does daily monitoring of backlinks/SEO. The main writers have been myself and some random dude named TheBreeze.

Full explanation from Randy below
Manipulation of Search Results of our wiki by a possible Google Engineer on Twitter

If you were banned having an account by Serge or someone else, it’s worth pointing out that we accept IP edits without an account, and we accept them at like a 97% rate.


Liberals in 2004 “Free Speech zones are fascism!!!1”

Liberals in 2019: “Stay in that corner and we’ll censor you if you get organic growth!”


of course they are