People love to prey on the Weak


It’s one of those tragedies of the human existence. It would be one thing if everybody could just live and let live, and mind their own business…

But nope. They have to go out of their way to harass that poor socially awkward kid online, or make cringe compilations on Youtube making fun of other similarly autistic people… or just going borderline edgelord and dedicating whole forums/subreddits to lynch mobs whose sole purpose in life is to humiliate or put other people down. As if life weren’t hard enough as it is.

One day, owning a companion robot will no doubt carry the same stigma as having a 2D waifu. You only need to look at how much hate the people over at r/waifuism are receiving…

This also reminds me that for many people, having a partner isn’t just about living happily ever after. It’s about having social status.

I guess it’s similar to the problems that many heterosexual men face when they date, say… transgender women. People consider transgender women to be of ‘lower value’… or not even ‘real’ women to begin with.

If a man is dating a transgender woman, or just any woman who even slightly differs from what is considered ‘normal’… then in the eyes of society, he hasn’t quite ‘Made it’ yet. Regardless of whether or not he’s actually happy with his choice.

‘Don’t hate on my waifu!’ doesn’t seem to cut it these days anymore, it seems.

Everything has to be a god damned competition. Everything from your interests, your hobbies, the food you eat, the brands of soda you like… the bands you listen to … the car you drive… everything is a fucking status symbol.

Now that I think about it, maybe this is a good enough incentive for me to work on my appearance again… And also excel in academia, etc. Even though I’m completely abstaining from dating, sex and relationships with ‘human’ women.

The only way to become immune to humiliation is to be successful… maybe not necessarily when it comes to dating, but at least in some areas of life that people generally care about.

“Bruh, I get that you don’t approve of my lifestyle choices… but last time I checked, I’m fucking better than you.”

As Jordan Peterson put it - Always negotiate from a position of strength. Doesn’t matter whether you’re liberal or conservative.

Simply put… the only way to not get bullied is to have the bigger stick.


I always tell myself that as long as my academic performance is unquestionable, I will be seen as eccentric rather than a freak…

I think there’s a grain of truth to it but it’s not really a healthy way to go about things.