Not really incel but


30 year old bisexual female, KHHV until 27, never been intimate with another female, and has never had a boyfriend or girlfriend. So uh, I kinda relate to you guys.

AMA if u give a shit :woman_shrugging:


you are valid




shut up owly

Half of us arent straight and we also accept allies

What do you believe has held you back?

What is your opinion of female incels?


We hear the virgin-to-females, but not virgin-to-males a lot from bisexual straight women and bisexual FTMs a lot.
You arent alone, even here.

We are usually more sensitive and picky than men, it can be hard when you have the easier option (men) available.

Also what hobbies do you do?


Sounds incel to me…
Welcome! :slight_smile: