No longer handholdless, I guess


A friend was in town for a visit (she’s working in SEA) and as we were walking to a café I suddenly realized that we were holding hands, I didn’t even register when she took my hand (or I hers).

Granted, it wasn’t romantic but it still is kinda frustrating how right normies are with their “it just happened”… I guess when the right kind of connection is there, it really does and there’s no real way of explaining why or how.

Now, if she’d please realize that telling me about that beautiful and strong ladyboy she met while waiting for her flight in Bangkok does nothing to cheer me up… No malice on her part, she just doesn’t comprehend how inadequate I feel.



But yea I dont really get a rush of euphoria handholding, but its definitely a healthy thing humans should do


also cute that it happened naturally


Nice job! Were here for you!