Need someone to message my ex

So its her birthday in a week and i have written a song for her, will record it later when i get back home from vacation (unless i find a studio here in Portugal lol)… i want someone to msg her the link after i upload it on youtube… honestly she’s going to block you as soon as you message her but its worth a shot :confused:

bad idea tbh

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That’s the worst idea.

we are not those types of incels lol

i knew i was in deep waters when even incels told me that’s desperate lol… so i shouldn’t record the thing?

the thing is if not for her, i can do it for me, the last time i wrote about her, everyone liked that song and praised me

I’m sure the song is fine. Sending it, or even worse, having a stranger on the internet send it to her is not fine. No one is saying not to record it.

even recording it is probably not going to go well

gotta learn to let go of oneitis


That comes across as weak, did you break it off or her? If she did, that shows you can’t move on (emotional weakness isn’t a good thing.) If you broke things off, then you’re just toying with her.

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Let it/her go faggot

I completely ignored all the advice on here and messaged her. She hit me up after two days and said she would like to meet me


Nice LARP faggot

Let her go
only yourself you’re hurting

Don’t be a cuck.