Music Thread


Post Youtube links of your favorite music or what you are listening to. Doesn’t have to be inceldom related.







nice one @Sparrow


ty, black music should be adopted by the sandcels. Sand rebels should be bumping James Brown.


Listening to this rn, cuz Youtube recommended it
don’t particularly like it tho



Deathcore ftw!





I have this song stuck in my head…

Probably not very interesting to those who don’t speak German. On the surface it is about a girl who runs away from home and finds a “master” whom she begs to give her a tattoo of roses. Initially, he refuses, stating that doing so would bring her life to an early end. She insists, he gives in, she gets her roses, they grow within her and bring “unknown sorrows” to her heart. We’re left with the implication that she ended up drowning herself and the open question of what price the master claimed in return for his work.
I don’t think there’s a single interpretation - growing into adulthood, drug addiction, HIV, loss of virginity and pregnancy all seem present as themes.
It’s also an inversion of a very famous (and disturbingly rapey) poem by Goethe / Lied by Schubert about a boy who plucks a beautiful rose despite her protests.






panda bear is my favorite boy on earth and i wish he was my bf he has such a cute voice