Making Friends in College Fail (Greentext)

:warning: The following events have been exaggerated for dramatic effect. :warning:

> Be me
> Be 26 year old millennial college student
> Likes girls but can’t get any
> Gets mistaken for a teacher because most Gen Z’s are already finishing college
> Studies IT… thinks she’s a 1337 hacker because she watched Mr. Robot and can relate to main character
> Takes a seat at a desk with guy and a girl
> Hears them talking about Black Mirror, Mr. Robot, Bitcoin, 4chan, the American Civil war, etc.
> Joins in the conversation pretending to be more knowledgeable on the subjects.
> Makes a few jokes, they laugh a little.
> Guy ends up dominating the conversation and girl falls in love with him.

> They carry on talking about the American Civil war. She keeps getting flirty.

> Exits the conversation. Starts fiddling with pen while searching for random shit on Amazon pretending to be edgy and unique.

> Now they’re talking about my favourite subreddits.

> How dare they carry on this conversation without me.

> Fiddling intensifies.

> Just got uber-cucked by a bunch of normies.

> Is probably a normie herself, but a failed one.

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my condolences.

I want to offer you advice or encouragement, but it’s not going to help after the fact.
that sucks.

however, I do think you would have been a valuable part of the conversation, because they were talking about your favorite subreddit.

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yep sounds like college :pepesad:

lol exaggerated?

How is your robot going? ur gonna be famous when you finish it.