Kardashians before plastic surgery


Shut up!!!

This is so crazy.

This is definitely why i believe in surgeries. Yeah they aren’t going to fix some things (like the hideous jaw/faceshape of Khloe, maybe in some foreign country) but the overwhelming majority of things can be fixed. The problem is the money, which i don’t have, and never will, so i will die as hideous as i am. Meh.


They are legit ugly my sisters

They still look better than their personality ever did.

I’ve never understood the appeal. Have they ever had a single enlightening thing to say, even accidentally? Are we just getting sucked into a rather lacklustre ad for silicone?

The latter tbh. They are promoting butt degeneracy worldwide

One of my high school teachers used to say “Always compare yourself to the best, never the worst”

The Kardashians are popular precisely because society loves to make fun of their vanity in order to make themselves feel better. You’re not enlightened for looking down on them, ironically.

Here in France we are still clueless as to why they are famous as we never see them in movies or anything like that

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Lol France, easily the most cucked country in Europe

Cucked in what sense

Aren’t you an American?

I’m from UK 2nd most cucked country of Europe

At least I understand your pain (if you’re white, which I’m assuming you are)

you didnt answer my question… cucked in what sense?

Just look at the football team

Yeah we won the world cup… looks pretty great to me.

Lol massive cope, a bunch of africans won it

You obviously know more about my country than me so tell me which one of those players were born in africa?

When the US national team wrestler Jordan Burroughs won the Olympic medal, did you see it as an african winning it?

Your insecurity issues are glaring but then again im not surprised

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Haha seriously, OK I understand now why you don’t believe France is cucked.

Trust me though, the native whites of France very much know and admit how cucked their country is

And what are you basing that claim upon? You’re some guy living in the UK claiming to know more about my country and it’s people than me

Why are you dodging my questions though?

When did I dodge your question?

When the US national team wrestler Jordan Burroughs won the Olympic medal, did you see it as an african winning it?

^^ these