Iphis introduction



30-year-old incel (khv) about to start MtF HRT soon, no great hopes of passing but maybe I’ll hate myself a little less. I’m mostly wearing womens’ clothes as is, it’s not like other people could think any lower of me.

If you object to my username because Iphis is FtM or whatever, fuck you, she’s a girl who has to live as a guy, the story makes me cry and its ending is infuriatingly stupid. Also liked the novel by Ali Smith.

Any questions?


oof, almost hitting the 30 mark myself

what other forums do you use?
what is your attitude toward lesbian incels?
do you take psych meds?


wuttup :slightly_smiling_face: No ur username is cool.

What do you think got in your way dating for so many years?


Girl meets boy is sooo good.




Mostly reddit. But “forums” reminds that I have an SA account I haven’t used in a long time…

Lesbian incels are lesbian and incels. I don’t think that any particular combination of gender and sexuality precludes someone from being incel.

I don’t take any psych meds.


Too many things to list - hiding away anything personal, so others wouldn’t notice how broken I was; never touching a drop of alcohol because while I didn’t know what I would say when less inhibited, I was very scared of it; deeply convinced that I hurt anyone who gets close to me; not attracted to many people and too unattractive for others to approach me; hardly any friends, no social interests or hobbies; feeling ashamed of having wasted my early twenties (including three or so years I spent basically entirely in MMOs); emotionally stuck for years on my first crush (who threw me for a loop that I only was able to understand when I accepted being trans); …