Introduction to bb codes



Bulletin board codes (bb) are a type of code used on forums and bulletin boards, I’m not sure how many of these will work on this site but most should (without spaces)

  • [b]text[/b ] - text in bold

  • [i]text[/i ] - text in italics

  • [u]text[/u. ] - underlined text

  • [center]text[/center ] - centered text

  • [right]text[/right ] - right text

  • [color=green]text[/color ] - coloured text

  • [img=100]link[/img ] - Picture, 100 pixels in height. The link should only work with local pictures (already on this site)

  • [hr ] - horizontal line

  • [br ] - line-break (in BB-codes, line-break should be entered with this code only, since pressing Enter will start a new line of code)


looks like only bold, italics, and underline actually work.


I can add vbulletins wide variety of BB codes tonight if you want @MrThermo

stuff like


Inline constructs that can be embedded in paragraphs

Inline constructs

  • [size=SIZE] : set the size of text
  • [font=FACE] : set the font face for text
  • [color=COLOR] : set the [color=#381]color[/color] of text [/li]
  • [bgcolor=COLOR] : set background color of text
  • [highlight] : Highlight text
  • [small] : Make text very small
  • [aname=NAME] : create an anchor in your document with a name
  • [jumpto=NAME] : jump to anchor created with aname

Block level constructs



  • item
  • item


[li]this is a list item[/li]


[] this is an item
] this is an item

Text alignment

Center some text

Right align some text

Right align some text

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Chose discourse because theres already 8 incel forums that use Xenforo and look the same.

Also, moving to About category


That would be great, it would make complexity easier.


cool cool, will do it in about 12 hours when less people are using the server, putting that feature in will give the website about 15 minutes downtime


yea, this would help a bit with posting image alignment


i am matanevat master of codes