Incel PR worth it?


Is incel PR worth doing? There will always be people who hate us for superficial reasons like being ugly virgins, but a small amount of incel haters are reasonable people who are brainwashed to think incels are sexist by default.
Is incel worth doing PR for?


what do you mean by PR?

interviews? good optics? political parties? leaflets?


More positive community outreach


Of course!

Think even starting an incel political party would be a good idea!!!


Lol, would be very centrist as we have a very diverse political thought here


We should have done more eight months ago. Would be great for more incel PR just to simply spread the Black Pill.


anyone that can put up with the drawn out nature of these big docs coming up are either narcissists or status seeking. Maybe some uglycels who dont have shyness issues can do it as well, but everyone I know they are interviewing do not fit that description.

Think I might be dropping out of this media stuff, my health just keeps declining.

BBC-associated people have contacted me with THREE different teams since like eight months ago. First team was trying to pitch to BBC, they failed. Second team reached out to me but were flakey for a week. The last one is legit, and they seem nice, but seriously combined with all the other teams it was too much build up for me to handle. 8 months just to figure out how to fucking stick a camera in my face (or a friends face) for an hour, too much anxiety. Itd be like

Vice is similar.

These docs will hopefully be good. But either we make our own video shit or these places define the narrative for us, thats how it is.

Saras Gardephes doc was so good because she wasnt a media figure and could make friends with the incels. Spent two years making friends with them to gain their trust. Then she made the whole thing imformal. No scheduled meetings or phone calls. It was just go to a hotel to have fun and maybe get filmed if you want. No one is gaining incels trust atm.


yea, if I get paid


PR is very tiring after a while, yet it might be worth it in some cases. However I think the main issue is people naturally don’t sympathise with men who are outcasts, unemployed, homeless. No one cares about men at the bottom of the social hierarchy to begin with.


I could never go on television to talk about inceldom. That would be pretty cringy.

Fame is more of a curse than a blessing. Being admired for your accomplishments is a different matter altogether, of course…


I’ll do it for $50,000 but they have to let me cover a majority of my face.


I once had a journalist ask me whether I wanted to talk to her for background but I declined because it would just be a waste of time - I’m not the kind of incel they’re interested in.

I guess that’s pretty fucked up reasoning on my part - but I’d want to help her write the story she wants to write (which is probably about angry & misogynistic young, male incels) and felt like I had nothing to offer on that front.


I want to bring Targeted Individuals and Incels together. The bullying is part of the same network.


They find you on the r/transgendercels subreddit?


No, I think she found me through incelswithouthate, she had some difficulty finding incels from my country to talk to.




nope, germancel.