I Need a Reason to put Effort into my Appearance


At least, a reason that does not involve attracting men/women.

Lately it seems as if I’ve given up on my appearance… at least when it comes to clothing, hair style, etc. Forget the makeup. (I HATE having to wash off the makeup before bed… makes my eyes hurt)

I still shower and brush my teeth, moisturize, and I don’t overeat… but e.g. whenever I go to the grocery store, I pretty much just wear a jersey and pajama pants. No makeup, no hair styling, etc.

I also noticed that I’m wearing the exact same clothes every day. Been wearing this same shirt that I have for pretty much a year now. I wash it once a week, and then wear it again. (Probably because 90% of what’s in my wardrobe is either too old or just not for the current season).

What I’m gonna do this year in order to keep things simple:

  • Buy myself 3 pairs of tops and 3 pairs of pants and 3 dresses. Rotate them every week. One of each color, but all pretty much the same style.
  • Get some brunette highlights.
  • Curl my hair with rollers in the morning after a shower. Maybe a bit of hairspray.
  • Keep a bottle of dry shampoo in my bag for hot weather (It drives me insane when my fringe gets greasy… i get irritable as fuck.)
  • Keep my old clothes for doing cleaning and/or any dirty backyard work.
  • Keep makeup very minimal and only for very special occasions.

I guess it’s easier this way if I write down a list of rules and lay down a very clear routine. My mind doesn’t seem to register common sense very well and tends to work better when there’s very strict rules.


Hm, I dunno. The only reasons I honestly think an Incel Gang™ member should ever work on their appearance is for their career, or if it makes them feel better.

Else, fuck it.


Career, looking good honestly does help for job interviews. Just like dating, halo effect and confirmation bias takes over.


When you’re ugly, you feel heavy and nauseated all the time. You look in the mirror and the pain of knowing that you’re looking at the flesh prison you have to spend the rest of your life in will cause violent and emotional reactions. If you have the money, it’s worth it just to keep yourself from headbutting the mirror and using the broken glass to slash your wrists. It’s hard to sleep knowing how ugly you are when you’re a truecel. Every night is just sweaty tossing and turning. It’s absolutely beneficial to your health to not be born ugly and hopelessly genetically inferior. You might want to try Aragon Oil.



Gonna push against genetically inferior tho
We are have S U P E R I O R G E N E T I C S


We will someday id science allows us to have new bodies.