Hi. I'm QuantumCatX. New Zealand's loneliest lesbian


Sup everyone!


I’m QuantumCatX… New Zealand’s loneliest lesbian. Age 26. I’m known under this name on Reddit and on Youtube.

Currently studying IT in college, and also looking forward to building New Zealand’s first 3d-printable companion robot / sex robot. Github link is here if any tech-savvy folks are interested:

Nice to meet yall, anyway!


Have you 3d printed the head yet?, looks cool :slight_smile:


We are all gonna make it guys
sex bots for all





ntmu :flushed:


Dayum we have some smart people in here


is this you?


yea that is her


you should make a robot category there


Im just a girl who fucking hates being gay. when sex robots become cheaper, i’ll buy one


Any updates on Sylvie?