Hatred of women

Because of inceldom does anyone else completely despise the female species ?

females aren’t a species, females are a gender.
and no. I don’t don’t despise women.
but I won’t speak for everyone.

edit: btw, this is supposed to be a gender inclusive forum. if you’re going to hate an entire gender, you might be more interested in somewhere else.

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This is a gender inclusive forum. It’s not their fault that they don’t want to have sex with you.

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I don’t despise the modern gen of women

I just see men being more powerful and masters considering we do 90% of the work when it comes to finances and authority.

It’s not cause I don’t get their attention, I get plenty. But because I consider myself to be a on a higher ground of authority and importance.

ALL women in any time, any place? It is something I always try to leave up in the air.

Modern females? Do not even refer to them as women. Females is plenty kind enough. I despise them, and every bit as justifiably as despising evil itself. The only thing worse are cu cks.

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Hatred of anything will just leave you burned out and jaded over time.

I used to think the problem was hypergamy, polyamory, hookup culture, etc. but really…

I’m just a lazy slacker who’s never accomplished anything worthwhile and still lives with parents. Probably the reason I don’t make a good friend either… because people see me as an energy drain.

If they’re your looksmatch or below and refuse to have sex with you because they only want chads, then they’re w hores who deserve to be hated. Not all women are hypergamous chad dick chasing w hores, but the many who are should be shamed.

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So? There are other loser f oids you can be dating, but they don’t even want you because of hypergamy.

I mean yes, there’s probably a hundred things I could blame it on. And a lot of those things could be legitimate problems.

But at the end of the day, you can either whine… or you can play the cards that you are given. Nothing is going to change by whining.

No shit, but I’m just telling you it’s unfair the way it is, and it must change.

Think of it this way though…

Even if you wanted to start a global movement to introduce government-mandated girlfriends. That’s still going to take you a shit load of work, time and effort.

Probably ten times… a thousand times the effort it would take to climb the social ladder and improve your personal life. You’re trying to change Society, after all.

Destroying the Cultural Marxist false “equality” movement that presently has a stranglehold on our society would probably be sufficient without needing to introduce bandaid solutions. Our society has already restructured itself in terms of gender relations, with the assumption that men and women are the same and interchangeable. This is obviously both untrue and dysfunctional, and society must return to a state where it blatantly acknowledges the differences between men and women and makes no apologies in running in accordance to what is best for both overall.

After all, it is easier to destroy something that is entirely based on lying. Just wait for the truth to reach critical mass as it naturally does overtime in any case where both lying and censorship are rampant. This process is being hastened by the internet.

i dont hate women but i understand the incels that do

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Yes I hate women

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I despise how women adapt to the modern world. I’m not exactly an incel though

I don’t hate women. I love women. I just want friends.