Going to admit... men have it harder in some ways



yeah well I’m ftm so I guess I experienced both sides, I think both are awful, but I think girls are just nicer and even femcels have better personalities than mancels.
Also i’d rather stay incel than get fucked like in the greentext


Yea, I did have an ex ask me to be aggressive and pin her against the wall and initiate that way, but the other half of the time she was a nanny-state control freak always complaining and nagging. It’s hard to know what to feel when your woman is always breaking u down…


Being a virgin for long periods of time is going to hurt your personality. Many incels have also little social interaction while femcels are more likely to.


Being a male virgin is a medical condition you are born with. Society has developed a hateful dogma against those who suffer from this condition.