Genderfluid mentalcel


im Visl
24 years old and biologically male, but present very feminine and have been on HRT for about 3 years now
I find myself able to achieve dates and little flings with guys but im never able to actually DATE them and have never had a real boyfriend in my 24 years on this planet. I’m polyamorous and have dated women and traps before but never actual men which is rly what i want the most. I’m kinda autistic and just never really figured out how guys rly work i guess and i find myself enraged at the world that is built for roasties to find bf no problem and it’s natural for them to date men but when i try it i just have no idea what im doing because i wasn’t indoctrinated into a world where it’s normal for me to do so. I distract myself by making music, playing vidya, and watching shit tv, not to mention drinking heavily (which i have cut back on a lot recently given that i’ve accepted that I’m an alcoholic and need to get better). Anyway that’s my introduction~



I too share this alcohol fascination



Hi and welcome! What kind of shit tv do you watch?


idk, medical dramas, capeshit, anime, lately it’s just been whatever’s the flavor of the month but i’ve been trying to watch less of it and focus more on music because it makes me feel more fulfilled than sitting on my ass all night


Henlo and welcome