Gender transition update thread - going through with it - :(


So a lot of you know I have been struggling with my gender identity. Ive always had a hard time dealing with the dysphoria, and have had trouble meeting women.

I spoke with my psych and my doctors for weeks and they are giving me the big OK and will begin taking transdermal estrogen as well as flutamide prescribed to me in the coming weeks. The doctor said one of the first things that should change is fat distribution, which would be great because this body is way to rectangular.

Basically going to be giving updates through this thread. Also if what you guys were saying is true, dating should get whole lot easier as well :expressionless:


I think you should maybe give this more thought, you only started talking about it in the Facebook group like a month ago.


My life is basically over, it dont matter anyway


Bravest faggot in the group, bar none.


If she wants to do it, why is it YOUR business to stop her?


cuz theres no way this can end well


Congrats, I’ll be starting on estradiol gel (Gynokadin) and cypro (Androcur) in mid February myself :slightly_smiling_face:

My endo warned me that dating would get a whole lot harder with transitioning - which I found funny as hell.



Congrats, I should be on Testosterone in a Month.


good luck!


Is this real life?

yes, yes, it is :slightly_smiling_face:


I hope you’re not serious about dating being easier for trans people. It will not be easier, it will be harder - and MtF + Lesbian relationships are incredibly rare.

Transition should only be carried out if you’ve had persistent and debilitating gender dysphoria. In other words, you should want it so bad that dating should actually be the least of your concerns.

Otherwise, you’re just going to end up another de-transitioning statistic, and then right-wingers will use that as ammunition to try and sabotage the transgender community.


…Having said that, there are a lot of MtF transgender people who are attracted to women. That’s fine.

Just make sure that you actually have gender dysphoria and be honest with yourself. Take your transition seriously, and society will start taking trans people seriously again.


Look, I’m 30 and I’ve never been on a date. That’s what made the warning that dating would get harder funny.

But, yes, to some degree I think things might get easier as I inch into the realm of “what you see is what you get”. The only person to ever hit on me was a gay guy a little more than a year ago and not giving him my number - because what’s the point when I can’t be the person he is attracted to? - wasn’t fun. He was cute.


This stuff is amazing, I have no idea why anyone would want to live on T.


So it’s almost month one of my transition process

Turned out getting the estrogen patches and flutamide legally from my doctor was much easier than anticipated. I have to admit I am having hesitations about all of this.

My emotions have been fluctuating an enormous amount and I feel constantly like I am being drained. It is hard to describe.

The patches are a bit of a pain to apply, but hopefully totally worth it.

Ever since I was young I thought I was female. I would tell my parents my name is Jess at age 5. I am 29 now so maybe this is all too late.

Update, it feels I am growing breast tissue, but it also could be from gaining weight. Am I supposed to notice tissue growth this early???



No I mean congrats on taking pills I guess?


Pretty much everything with the early stages of HRT is YMMV, doesn’t sound unrealistic to me. I naturally can’t speak from experience yet, but you’re supposed to be able to feel firm buds underneath your nipples and tenderness as breast development starts. Sorry to hear about the emotional fluctuations and you feeling drained, I’m sure this will decrease as you adjust to the new normal.

Why flutamide and not cypro, spiro or bical, though?


At a little more than a week (at 10mg cypro oral, 2.25mg estradiol transdermal) the effects I have observed so far are

  • Sweat doesn’t smell horrible anymore.
  • No more morning erections (libido and erectile response to sexual cues unchanged though).
  • Nipples get rock-hard at the slightest bit of cold.
  • Epididymides seemed swollen the first few days which made tucking uncomfortable, this has subsided, though.
  • Scrotum always somewhat contracted (like when it’s cold or during arousal).
  • Much more calm, no more always feeling on edge and experiencing white-hot fury over the smallest things, emotions seem proportional.


How are you doing, have your emotions stabilized a bit?