writes an article about us


It’s mainly focused on the Facebook group, but was really good in that it avoided bullying incels, which is what the majority of the media tries to do.

Proof that the LGBTQ community is less antagonistic to incels than you might think.


cool to see N4L8 in that. If they gave us as much attention as Braincels and we’d be huge and they’d have less to complain about. But the media generally feeds things it supposedly, “dislikes”. See Trump. They fucking elected him.


Thank you gaystarnews, my new home for all news about LGBTQ people
It is such an interesting and well put together site

Am I good at sucking up? People said I was as a kid.


Too bad they left out QuantumCatX
She is great media material. Not sure how she keeps getting overlooked.


gaycel justice is here
thanks for noticing me


With increased media exposure, comes more hate and cyber-bullying.

At least on my own channel I more or less ‘control my own media’, and my public image.

I could pretty confidently say that I make good ‘cringe material’ so maybe the best strategy is for me to meme the hell out of myself before somebody else does.

The internet has taught me that there is more evil than good in the world. They say that people go to the internet to hide their true identity… hell no… I think it’s the other way round; the internet shows you what people truly are.

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At least on my own channel I more or less ‘control my own media’, and my public image.

That part is important
You’ll probably get attention once your robot is finished. You definitely have an underrated channel.

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