Former incels bluepilled after ascending

There’s a trend of incels becoming bluepilled after ascending, why do you guys think this happens?

My personal guess is arrogance, after they luck out they like to pin it on skill or something of their own doing.

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I feel like if I ever ascend, the horrible bitter flavor of the blackpill will never truely leave. Not that I will ever ascend haha. Never had a girlfiend, probably never will.

I will die a virgin because by the time I can afford to make my face look human, I’ll be thirty. I’m not interested in single moms and roast beef so I’ll either sallekhana before 30 or get the surgeries and become a brahmachari.

What do you mean by bluepilled? If I ascend I would def become more optimistic, yet I doubt I would ignore the importance of looks and social status.

It’s an autistic word and needs to be replaced.