Flag button hiding

We disabled the ability for flagging to hide posts.
Staff will still see flagged posts, but no longer will they be auto-hidden.

Please remember to read and abide by the Rules here: Additional-ToS/Rules/FAQ/Contact

As far as persistent (individual) name calling, I havent seen that happen yet, but if it does, go ahead and flag it.



Katarana should know a thing or two about not snitching every time she sees a post that goes against her opinion.

Not a co incidence that me, Alienated and IceCutter all got our posts flagged, in a thread that included Katarana in the discussion

well regardless of what happened, flagging will no longer hide posts

so (to anyone) only flag something if it is against the rules, i had like 20 flagged posts in my qeueue lol, most of which didnt come close to breaking any rules


thank you… that button was a tool used by fruitcakes as soft as a sponge to report shit they were “offended” by… i got a message earlier today that one of my posts was flagged because i called someone a fatty (even though the OP themselves said that they consider themselves fat)

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right if calling names becomes a habit, obviously that is a problem, but i havent seen anyone habitually call an individual person names yet