Building a shed with vertical panels

I’m in the middle of building a shed and didn’t think too carefully about the trim boards. I was planning on using azek (PVC) for trim around a couple doors and windows. All the videos on youtube that show people building sheds with this stuff just have them nailing/screwing the trim in on top of the siding. Installing trim first, then cutting the smartside panels to fit around them is a pain in the a$$.

I’m assuming if i want it to last, i should definitely install the trim first, with the flashing. I’m just worried about desperately cutting the panels to fit exactly around a window. Any tips for ease of doing that or just trust my measurements and make sure the framing is all square.


Our entire home has that kind of trim fastened with trim screws that are long enough to go through the trim. You should be fine with that trim.

Cool to see someone else into carpentry!!