Apparently I like em a lil gay


I say I like my men with a solid feminine energy. My friend says I like them suspiciously gay enough that all my friends have to question if he’s REALLY straight. Which is fine, too, like I don’t care cause he still beat the pussy up but then also asks me about my feelings and what I want to eat. I really think there are plenty of women and femme nbs that like their men to be exuding some feminine energy cause like . . . I can’t be the only one, right?! I literally don’t understand why anyone would want a hyper-masculine dude who has to say “no homo” after he hugs his buddy or too embarrassed to wear pink or hold my fucking bag for a second. Now . . . would I want a house-husband? . . . FUCK YES. Cook for me, daddy!

(PS: yes, I’m just a LIL high and rambling)


i know this isn’t a blackpill zone.

but you really, really aren’t gonna get us to swallow this cope.


I’d say its definitely possible for women to be attracted to feminine men… it’s just incredibly rare, especially in the long-term.


More for me then? :heart_eyes:


That’s fine but ain’t no liar


that’s cool. but ultimately it’s just you talking about some obscure preference you have.


Hey, at least not everything suck tho, i think that is the point


About non-binary people… This is why I keep telling feminine male incels to date people on or around the LGBTQ spectrum. Its literally their only hope lol

Seriously though LGBTQ people are (generally) more tolerant of men not being traditionally male.

Normies still do rigorously enforce male gender roles, even when masculinity is at an all time low.


How is it obscure? A lot of men display feminine traits. Like . . . it’s not some rarity.


You don’t gotta tell me twice that queers are better people in general :blush:


the obscure thing is the preference for it.


I’m supposed to be in a “feminist country” in Europe, and in my opinion normies still ruthlessly enforce traditional gender norms (maybe not roles tho). it really is over for femininecels unless they gendernormmaxx or lgbtmaxx.


I don’t think calling it “obscure” is correct but alright.