Anyone wanna read my Western script?

Hey! Since Im going to college for game design and such. Would anyone like to read my script and give feedback? It’s basically a spin off John wick but I wanted to try it out.


i read the entire thing, imma give you some constructive feedback when i wake up… its 1 am out here

its pretty good

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I’ll be here. Thank you!

The way you started it created a nice vivid and dark atmosphere with the usage of words like “blood and brain matter” and “horsemen”. You set the tone which is very important.

As the script progressed I thought some parts became fillerish (as in they were not needed) and I would have understood the scene even without reading them.

Your diction was really good and I was impressed by your consistency in regards to specific jargon usage.

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Thank you! This was helpful but I’m kinda half asleep. Could you explain jargon usage? Sorry for being slow.