Anyone else an Incel that's attracted to MTF Trans?


Hi, I’m new here. I just wanted to share my thoughts about my sexuality. I’ve been attracted to cisfemales my whole life but never had sex with themoutside of prostitutes. When I was in my early 20’s and still a virgin I saw Trans porn and was slowly hooked. But when I talked with trans people they ignored me and ghosted me just like cisfemales. So, I decided to have sex with a couple men when I was really drunk. I enjoyed those experiences but was extremely disgusted afterwards. Do gay people feel disgust? So, I never identified as gay.

As time went on I couldn’t date trans people and I couldn’t be attracted to men unless extremely horny and drunk.

I slept with many trans prostitutes in Mexico, Philippines, and Thailand. They were lovely but they were still prostitutes. I got the feeling many of them would date me if I wanted to.

But in America all I’ve ever had was derision and condemnation from trans people. They are worse to me than cisfemales. I don’t understand trans people here. I’ve even thought of transitioning to a female and I like to wear women’s clothing but I don’t feel like a woman.

It’s tough feeling rejected by not just females but LGBT. My mind is a confusing sex prison.


not really
but am attracted toward some FTM trans people and non-binary people.

Dont share this experience as I generally find many MTF trans people as even more desperate for relationships than incels. So never had much trouble attracting MTF ppls.

Also welcome to Incelistan. Check out the rules page and enjoy yourself, its comfy here.




How old are you?


Over 30


Thanks for your deep thoughts.


ah, have you been in a relationship before?




Have you?


Only once when I was 18 with another woman…

It was actually pretty sweet, but in general am too shy to approach women ever


I’ll live :sunglasses:


Derision and condemnation over what?


yea… they would have


You can break out of the prison, i know you can!


unfortunately not :frowning:


Sometimes maybe. Transsexual MTF intrigue me at least.


I mean, do you approach them just like you would cis women? Because I know of a lot of MtoF trans people who have a hard time dating cismen because they feel like the men that do want to date them just fetishize them for their transness.


i mean, i only know how i respond to transwomen online. and i basically get endorphins from it like getting attention from a ciswoman. i did know an MtF really briefly as a teenager, and i was like, super intimidated and in reverence of any attention she gave me. basically cute girl worship.

but i was just a kid. like, i have no experience actually dating anyone MtF.


They act like women who only want my money. I hate to say it but over 50 percent on tinder are prostitutes. I think most are getting random dick from normies.