Anyone code in their free time?

Tried to get into x86 assembly and recently PHP and python.

I HATE CSS and HTML, I would rather code in assembly all day lol

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Literally tried many times but just cannot.

Know some python, because it is cool


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Matlab in 6th grade

How I saw myself:

How I really was:

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yeah i do, i got some projects i want to do when i get free time

what are you working on?

Yeah! I’ve tried to code an AI that’ll text me sweet poems. Basic Girlfriend AI I tried to do but I’m just trying to stick with game design.

DId you really? I am making an AI girlfriend rn. Is your stuff on Github?

Actually no lol. I’ve been on and off with the project but I can never come up with ideas for it.

Well let me rephrase it. I have work with the idea but I don’t know how to execute it.

If that makes sense?

what? lol

Nah, I’m too dumb.

Free time and professionally. Want to get back into to neural nets but its been a while since I touched the math required for optimized learning

It sounds crazy I know.

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Yes, I code in my free time… and in college.

Having said that… I’d be careful not to fall for the Learn to Code hype. There’s a huge difference between participating in a creative project (video games, AI, robots, etc.), and coding for the corporate world.

The latter is absolutely soul-sucking, judging by what I’m learning in college… part of the reason I don’t ever wanna get a job in IT, even though I could easily pull it off.

I don’t wanna be an IT monkey working for some jackass employer at some random hotel chain… I’d much rather be hacking the CIA and rigging elections and changing the course of human history and shit. There’s a difference. :smirk:

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I’ve never really got into it, but there’s a part of me that really wants to create my own game some day. I think highly of myself when it comes to game design, so if I got programming knowledge and got my band of misfit friends together to help with other stuff, then who knows.

Messed around a bit with Romhacks, learning some of how hexadecimals work in Pokemon games for instance.

Maybe some day though.