And thus the circle begins again


Alanas Involuntary Celibacy forum (LGBTQ friendly, 1997)–> IncelSupport —> —> r/incels —> (LGBTQ hostile 2017)

Facebooks Incelistan (LGBTQ friendly, ,2017)—> —> ??? ----> ??? (LGBTQ hostile)


I’m a proud Sipahi from and they don’t seem to be entirely LGBTQ hostile. They just don’t like it being pushed by the media. If I was a Black Panther in the 90’s, I’d be pissed if Oprah came out in support of the Black Panthers and made us look like normies. I wish there more more LGBTQs because the more men there are fucking each other, the less competition there is for me. I support traps too, both recreational and weaponized traps.


Its pretty dumb when incel groups exclude incels just because they belong to a certain group.
Incelistan is and will always be for any and all incels