Rules/Additional Terms of Service:

  1. Don’t bully or harass
  2. Don’t downplay the plight of incels (unless it’s super funny).
  3. Don’t brag repetitively in a non-constructive way
  4. No posting porn or nudity
  5. No persistent ‘orbiting’. This doesn’t mean you can’t say you like someone in public. But worship threads are obnoxious. Take it to PMs if you want to further a romantic relationship with someone.
  6. Be over 18 and follow US law
  7. Dont try to incite illegal activity or joke about committing violence. For example, if you say the phrase “Go ER” you will be banned, regardless of whether or not you were joking.
  8. This is not a blackpill/redpill/bluepill forum. This is what autists call a purplepill forum. Being persistently negative about the future in a kneejerky way without quoting scientific evidence relevant to your particular claim will get you warnings. For example, saying, “It’s Over”, will generate warnings. If you do not like something, work to change society positively, do not just say “It’s Over”.

Q: Can women be incels?:
A: yea

Q: What is the criteria for joining?:
A: Anyone can join regardless of gender or philosophy about dating.

Q: Why cant I post images or see the live chat yet?
A: Because you are new, just wait.

Q: Does Incelistan condone rape/violence/cp/pedophilia etc?:
A: nope

Q: I got banned by the forum owners on some other website, am I still welcome?:
A: If you follow the rules.

Q: Are incels a group, community, movement, or ideology?
A: No. incel is an abbreviation of involuntarily celibate, which is self-descriptive. Involuntary meaning not willfully. Celibate meaning without sex and/or romance. Up to 28% of American young men, for example, are incel according to the Washington Post. “Incel”, isn’t a single community any more than, for example, trans people are a single community.

As far as self-identified incels or incel forums, they are extremely disconnected and do not share radical beliefs unless you want to call determinism a radical ideology.

For more FAQ:

To Contact Incelistan, email [email protected]