6'4" Mentalcel Incel intro/AMA


Hello, I’m Exsilon. Yes Tallcels exist, cause you are looking at one right now. So I happened to be an Mentalcel with high functioning autism, and if you know me in real life you would know this. I also like to add that I’m purplepilled, it basically means I’m neutral to all the pills, meaning I can be bluepilled, redpilled, blackpilled, whitepilled etc. I know you guys are going to look up the official meaning of purplepill, but I have my own meaning of it.

If there is anything else you guys want me to tell me or have any questions for me, please go ahead and tell me.


welcome dude. think I have some questions

what forum did you come from?
have you ever been on a date?
how did you find us?


what forum did you come from?: Incels.is
have you ever been on a date?: No, I haven’t
how did you find us?: Browsing the Incel wiki