24 Incel weeb


hello I am 24 M from Canada, 5’8 Manlet, Native American/First Nations.
I guess I will explain my situation.

I used to have a lot of fat and muscle back in the day, but I lost a lot of weight after living alone for 4 years, but then I moved in with my brother and starting eating good again since he’s an amazing cook.
My family and doctor wants me to start lifting to gain my strength and muscles back, but I really want to take advantage of my thin body and go trap and cosplay as my favorite waifus.
Im on the fence in between going trans or going gymcel. Even if I go gymcel I dont think any amount of impressive muscles will compensate for my lack of height with the ladies.
I tried looking around on the internet for topics discussing trans incels that wasn’t jokes or memeing and this forum seems like what I need.

Any tips, thoughts, or opinions are welcomed, and thank you for having me here


You could move to a country where men who are under six ft tall actually have human rights… You’ll need to be Muslim or Hindu though…


lol yeah I would